Metal Gear 35th Anniversary NFT

Auction Schedule
  • (US East) Jul.13 17:00 - Jul.15 21:00 EST
  • (US West) Jul.13 14:00 - Jul.15 18:00 PST
  • (UK) Jul.13 22:00 - Jul.15 02:00 GMT
  • (Japan) Jul.13 07:00 - Jul.15 11:00 JST

*Auction beginning time is approximate and may alter, or not take place at all.

List of NFTs on Sale

Clicking an image will link to the NFT auction page. Probably.

  • Brainy Hal (MGS2)

  • Brainy Hal (Thinking)

  • Brainy Hal (Thumbs Up)

  • Brainy Hal

  • Brainy Hal (Scared)

  • Brainy Hal (Angry)

  • Brainy Hal (Bemused)

  • Brainy Hal (MGS4)

  • Brainy Hal (Laughing)

  • Brainy Hal (Confused)

  • Brainy Hal (Lights Out)

  • Brainy Huey (MGSV)

  • Brainy Hal
    (Sneaking Suit)

  • Brainy Hal
    (Stealth Camouflage)

※Trademarks are property of their respective owners. Otacon® is a registered trademark of Otacorp, Inc., Baltimore, MD.

NFT Auction Details

Product Description

In commemoration of the 35th anniversary of the METAL GEAR series and in lieu of any ports, sequels, or remakes of any kind, a series of NFTs featuring fan favorite Hal "Otacon" Emmerich have been issued as part of our exclusive "Brainy Hal" collection.

Number of Copies

1 item each. We understand the concern that NFTs are digital and are thus not subject actual scarcity, but we want to keep the auction fair. Everyone deserves a chance to buy a "Brainy Hal"!

※Huey Emmerich NFTs are available in unlimited quantities at zero cost.

NFT Auction Period

  • (US East) Jul.13 17:00 - Jul.15 21:00 EST
  • (US West) Jul.13 14:00 - Jul.15 18:00 PST
  • (UK) Jul.13 22:00 - Jul.15 02:00 GMT
  • (Japan) Jul.13 07:00 - Jul.15 11:00 JST

First Time Purchaser Campaign

First Time Purchaser Campaign

You will be entitled to have your desired nickname listed as the first purchaser of the NFT on our website, at least until we take it down someday. Neat!

Campaign Details

  • Those who have purchased an NFT from the "KONAMI MEMORIAL NFT" account will have their nickname displayed on our website, so everyone will know that you spent real money on a digital image. These images are exclusive to the auction winners, so please don't take screenshots or make copies, or anything like that. To be frank, we're not really sure what "non-fungible" actually means, so you're all on the honor system until we do.
  • Please send us your contact email address and desired nickname by 2022/7/25 23:59 JST. If you miss the deadline, then wow, that really sucks!
  • If your nickname is socially unacceptable, then I bet you're fun at parties.
  • When your nickname (seriously, who calls it a "nickname" anymore?) is confirmed, we will notify you via the provided e-mail address.
  • If there are any errors or issues around your nickname ...screen name(?), we will notify you via your e-mail address. If you miss the form resubmission deadline that will be mentioned in the e-mail, then tough luck sport. This is a big company and we don't make house calls.
  • If you re-sell the respective NFT before your nickname handle(?) is confirmed, your rights to receive the privileges in this campaign may be invalidated. Seriously, having your name on a website is a big deal, so don't mess this up.
  • If you share the submission form URL to any other personnel, or a third-party member fills this form, your rights to receive the privileges in this campaign will be invalidated. I don't know how we would actually find out if you did something like this, but consider yourself warned!
  • Your nickname cannot be deleted or changed once confirmed, because we're very busy people and editing HTML is really hard.
  • Scheduling of this campaign may change prior to any notifications, because, like, what if my wife says there's an important thing I have to go to? I'm not missing that.

NFT Auction Bidding Flow

  1. Create a Cryptocurrency Account Purchase ETH
    This auction uses cryptocurrencies to make bids.
    Please prepare a cryptocurrency account.

    You could also try mailing a check or money order, but I'm not making any promises. Hell, just drive down to Hawthorne with a bag of cash and I'll personally draw a JPEG for you.
  2. Prepare a Wallet Transfer ETH
    Wallets are required to manage NFTs and cryptocurrency data. Once your wallet is prepared, send the required Ethereum from your cryptocurrency account to your wallet. Transactions on the NFT market may require transaction fees and gas fees, in addition to the NFT price.

    Wait, buying things with cryptocurrency requires GASOLINE? Not only do I have no idea how that's supposed to work with a computer, but I'm already paying over $7.00 a gallon at the pump.
  3. Wrap ETH to wETH Gas Fees
    To bid for auctions, you will need to swap your ETH to wETH (wrapped Ethereum).
    (As of 2022/4/1. Please refer to OpenSea terms for details and updates)
    Please swap your ETH by using functions such as the one provided by your wallet service provider.

    Oh, wait, I think I get it. The "ETH" stands for "ethanol". That explains the gas fees.
  4. Bid to Auction Gas Fees
    Congrats! You have prepared the wETH required to bid for auctions on OpenSea.
    Please bid for your NFT of your liking!

    Enjoy your expensive JPEG!
  5. Highest Bidder Receives NFT
    The highest bidder at the end of the auction purchases the NFT.
    If the ending bid is higher than 1 wETH the NFT is automatically transferred to the buyer; if less than 1 wETH, the NFT will be transferred at a later date.
    (As of 2022/4/1. Please refer to OpenSea terms for details and updates)

    And make sure you buy standard unleaded when paying those gas fees. Premium is a scam.

NFT Auction Q&A

This is an initiative to create art NFTs using beloved in-game scenes from KONAMI titles, and for our fans to preserve them for many years to come. Market research has shown that although customers would prefer it if we ported our existing video games to new platforms, they're also perfectly happy to buy things without any intrinsic value whatsoever. Besides, have you ever tried porting a video game before? It's a lot of work!
What are NFTs?
No, seriously, I don't know. Steve from Accounting bet me that he could find out what an NFT was first, and I really want to win because that guy sucks.
What is Blockchain?
Again, no idea, but it sounds like one of those pro gamer moves in Street Fighter.
Do I need to register my personal information?
No, we're a video game company, not the IRS.
Can underage users purchase the NFT?
No, that's just bad parenting.
Can transactions be cancelled / refunded?
No backsies.
Is there a possibility of KONAMI reselling the same NFT in the future?
Maybe? The honor system doesn't apply to multinational corporations.
Can I resell or transfer my NFT?
Yes, but you'll make Hal very sad. Hasn't he had enough grief in his life?
How can I prove the NFT is real?
All NFT transactions are saved on the blockchain, and can be verified by--

We're kidding. This isn't a serious question. None of this NFT stuff is real.
Can I disclose and promote the fact that I have purchased the「KONAMI MEMORIAL NFT」on my SNS account?
Sure. Go for it. Be "that guy".
How can I contact you if I need customer support?
Please contact us at the link below:

Be nice when you do it, though. Most of the people working here have no clue about any of this stuff, and are just decent people trying to make a living.

Except for Steve from Accounting. Screw that guy.
Who are you, and why are you doing this?
To tell the truth, I'm just a regular guy trying to get by in this crazy world, and because my job can get kind of stressful, I occasionally like to kick my feet up and relax with some video games. Only problem is, it's getting harder and harder to actually do that, since the old stuff is getting harder and harder to play as time passes. Man, what I wouldn't give to play all my old favorites on my computer, or on one of those fancy new consoles that no one seems to be able to find in stores.

Only, see, as lucky I am to have ways to play most of these games, there are a lot of people who don't. Last I heard, you can't even buy the digital versions of some of the games now because of "expired historical licenses", whatever the heck that means. Sour as I might seem, I'm a simple man who doesn't need some sequel that costs hundreds of millions of dollars to develop, or a remake of any game that isn't up to date with the latest ray-tracing technology. End of the day, I just want to be able to play my favorite games without having to worry that someday they're just going to vanish, and without feeling like my only recourse in that nightmare scenario is through legally questionable means. NFTs don't seem like a good way to honor or preserve these games, so to the higher-ups I say: hey, I know that the company is making insane amounts of money right now and there's not really a need for any of this stuff, but please consider doing it anyway because you'll make a lot of people happy (also, maybe send a fruit basket to that one guy you fired).

Terms of Use

  • Stay frosty.